Thursday, February 20

OLDER _ Sidney Poitier is 93. Cindy Crawford is 54. Andrew Shue is 53. Trevor Noah is 36. Rihanna is 32.

NEWS ATTACK! _ Researchers found that ants are so tidy that they create restroom areas in their nests. [And they always remember to turn on the exhaust fan.]

AMERICANS HAVE OVER $21 BILLION IN UNUSED GIFT CARDS _ We ask for them every holiday, but are your gift cards collecting dust? Right now, $21 billion in unredeemed gift cards are just sitting in our wallets. A Bankrate survey found that the average adult has $167 in unused gift cards and store credit.

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ROBBER RECOGNIZED BY CLERK AS EX-MANAGER _ In Florida, the alleged robber of a convenience store was arrested not long after the crime took place. The employee working at the time of the robbery told deputies she knew the man because the two worked together and had attended training sessions. He was also the former manager of the store.

J.J. ABRAMS IN TALKS TO RELEASE THE RISE OF SKYWALKER DIRECTOR’S CUT _ J.J. Abrams is reportedly in negotiations with Lucasfilm to release a director’s cut of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

… Skywalker was released to theaters in mid-December and has grossed just over $1 billion.

GERMAPHOBES WRAP THEMSELVES IN PLASTIC FOR FLIGHT _ Two airline passengers who were seriously afraid of the coronavirus wrapped themselves in plastic sheets. The unidentified germaphobes — who were flying to Australia’s Hamilton Island — were wearing face masks along with their plastic outfits, which contained holes for their arms and faces.

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